Save Money This Fall by Adjusting Your Ceiling Fans


If you're looking to save some money this fall, don't forget to adjust your ceiling fans so they can displace the cooler air more efficiently. By adjusting your ceiling fans, not only will you save money, but your efforts will also conserve energy and leave you with more even heating throughout the fall.

So, how do you make a ceiling fan run more efficiently during periods of cooler weather? It's simple—all you need to do is make sure the fan is running in the right direction for displacing cooler air. In most cases, this means running the fan in a clockwise direction. Once adjusted, the fan should draw the cooler air toward the ceiling, pushing the warmer air back down into the room.

To change the direction of your fan, turn off the fan and look for a direction switch on the motor housing of the fan. In the case of a vertical direction switch, typical settings are up for winter and down for summer. Horizontal direction switches generally use right for winter and left for summer. Certain fans may also be able to switch directions with a remote control.

If an unusually warm weather pattern transpires and you'd like some cooling in your home, switch the fan's direction back to counterclockwise for the day. A counterclockwise motion should send a stream of air down into the room, thus creating a cooling breeze for the room's occupants.


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