4 Fantastic NFT Ideas for Beginners

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize how we interact with digital content and assets online. They allow you to unleash your creativity and earn millions of dollars (possibly) by creating digital art pieces, memes, and collections.

Now is the best time to get in on the action because:

a)      The NFT world is still in its early stages, so there's a lot of potential for growth and development. For example, there are only a handful of games currently using NFTs. But as more people become aware of NFTs and their potential, we'll see more games and other applications integrating them.

b)      There are already some very successful projects proving that NFTs have real value and can be used for various applications. As more people learn about these successful projects, they'll be excited to participate in the NFT scene.

So, if you're thinking about joining the NFT world, do it now. There are many opportunities to make a difference and help shape the future of this exciting new technology.

We've rounded up some fantastic NFT ideas for beginners to help you get started in this article.

4NFT Ideas for Beginners

1. Art

Art is a great place to start with NFTs. One of the most expensive art pieces in the modern era sold as an NFT when Beeple auctioned one of his collections for $69 million.

If you're an artist with drawing, designing, or photography skills, you can create digital art and sell it as an NFT. This is a great way to monetize your art and reach a wider audience. Many platforms allow you to do this, including SuperRare and Rarible.

Alternatively, you can collect art pieces and hold them for future profits.

2.   Memes

Memes are another excellent option for NFTs. The metaverse and NFT world reflect the internet culture and significantly benefit from viral content like memes.

People have made thousands of dollars selling meme NFTs. For example, the guy in the "Bad Luck Brian" meme earned $36,000 by selling it as an NFT after being an internet sensation for almost a decade.  

If you're a creator with a meme collection, you can join the club. Meme Factory is a popular platform that allows you to sell meme NFTs.

3.  Video Games

If you're a video game developer, you can embark on play-as-you-earn games on the blockchain to make money off the NFT world.

Recently, Louis Vuitton launched its game, Louis, allowing players to find hidden tokens in different challenges. Other games like the Sandbox and Decentraland have earned fortunes from NFTs.

You can jump on the bandwagon by creating an NFT game or partnering with a brand if you lack the resources. This avenue, however, requires ample funding.

Alternatively, you can earn money by playing these games. Do your research to identify one that offers good returns on your investment. Sandbox and Decentraland may be a good start.

4. Tweets

Who could've thought that a tweet NFT could be sold for millions?

The Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, surprised the world by sealing a deal of $2.9 million on his first-ever tweet.

The buyer of tweet NFTs receives a signed and verified certificate after paying a small percentage as commission to platforms like Valuable by Cent.

This is one of the coolest (and most practical) NFT ideas for beginners. You can start creating viral tweets on education or other creative subjects to earn big profits. 

Start Earning With NFTs

You can come up with more NFT ideas because creativity knows no limits in the NFT world. Remember, the rarer a creation, the more money it'll bring!

Best of luck on your NFT journey!

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